Thursday, May 26, 2011

How to look smart-Tips for girls

There are so many girls in this world who don’t really know how to look smart and how they can get the attention of the guys. They are often not at the priority list of their friends and even have no boy friend as well. Looking smart is not that tough these days and one should just know some simple things about how to look smart and things can change in their favor dramatically. Mostly the girls who are under stress and they underestimate themselves have one major problem which is under confidence. They don’t have enough level of confidence due to which they are not able to face their colleagues or even any guy. So some of the tips regarding how to look smart are given here and if you also suffer from the same problem then you should also seriously think to act on these.

The first thing you have to do is to grow in level of confidence. It is your confidence which can make you implement things and play with the hearts of guys. Never try to think that you lack anything in yourself. Think that you are just perfect for anyone and can fulfill anyone’s desire. Always think that you can be the princess of anyone. Once you do this you will simply be able to get the attention of most of the boys and you haven’t yet done anything extraordinary till now.

Once your confidence level is high then you can start doing tricks. The most attracting thing for the boys is the eyes of a girl. Most of the boys often fall prey to someone’s dashing eyes. So you should take proper sleep regularly so that you don’t have dull eyes. Having fresh and attractive eyes can be one trick on how to look smart and you don’t really have to do much for having these. For increasing the freshness of your eyes as well as the face you can make use of the natural products like vegetables such as cucumber. These can really help in maintaining your freshness.

Dress simply but elegantly. You should not be extravagant when it comes to your clothing rather you can choose some simple but elegant dress which suits your posture and which can be in accordance with your complexion. Besides your dress, for having a smarter look you can style your hair uniquely and choose some hair color which suits you and adds glamour to your personality. Get your eyebrows trimmed regularly which can be a plus to your smarter looks. The guys are really attracted to see the girl’s glamour and the way she walks. The pinpoint each and every minor thing about her so the girls should know how to look smart and how to make the boys think about them. It isn’t easy but not impossible as well. Another thing is the physique of the girls. Fat and untidy girls aren’t able to attract anyone even the girl sitting next to them. So if you focus on all these things you will be one of the smarter girls on the planet!

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